Common Health Problems Associated With Large Breasts

Breast size may be the greatest single biological variant among females. When breasts develop to a volume of more than a liter or so, they become an encumbrance that can cause back strain, skin irritation, breathing problems and other health risks. While correlation of general body weight to breast size is common, there are conditions of progressive breast hypertrophy in patients who are not considered to be obese. Along with physical hindrances, many women also have negative psychological issues that result from having overly large breasts. Self-consciousness, low self-esteem and poor body image are just as important to an individual’s well-being as physical issues.iso 45003

Chronic Pain
Women with an outsized bust often experience chronic or long-lasting pain that negatively affects their overall quality of life. The weight of the breasts can cause pain in the neck, back and shoulders and sometimes even lead to headaches.

Nerve Issues
The large size and weight of a woman’s bust may cause her to alter her posture with the shoulders rolled forward, which can put pressure on an area of the upper body known as the “thoracic outlet”. If this happens, the extra pressure causes nerves and blood vessels to be compressed which can result in pain or tingling in the upper extremities during the day as well as night.

Exercise Hindrance
Large, pendulous breasts can limit an individual’s capacity to lead an active lifestyle. The individual’s large bust may prove to be a hindrance in activities like running, golf, yoga etc.. These physical hindrances along with the self-consciousness an individual might feel while doing them prevent the person from enjoying the physical and mental benefits of exercise and leading a healthy lifestyle.

Skin Irritations
Women with large breasts often develop yeast infections, rashes and irritations underneath the breasts because it is difficult to keep this area dry. Heat rash is a particular problem for women with a large bust, which occurs when sweat cannot evaporate, thus heating up the skin surface and causing heat rash. Many women with over-developed breasts will also experience chafing on the sides of the breast due to spillage when the bra cup is too small. Other skin issues include stretch marks and deep grooves or indentions that occur as a result of bra strap pressure on the shoulders.

Psychological Health Issues
While many might assume it would be the opposite, many women with large breasts suffer from negative self-body image and feelings of self-consciousness. Having extremely large breasts often affects clothing choices and comfort in certain social situations. Many women with overdeveloped breasts feel that their bodies attracts unwanted attention which can begin to erode their self-beliefs. If a female believes she is being pigeonholed because of her large breasts, she may eventually begin questioning her true talents and abilities. Teenagers, both boys and girls, are especially vulnerable to teasing by their peers for having overdeveloped breasts and are more likely to suffer from feelings of not fitting in because their bodies don’t look like the norm for their age.

Breast reduction surgery is a very effective method for addressing all of the above issues. This procedure has helped countless women across the country take back their lives and truly start living again. Numerous studies show that social adaptation, body image and self-esteem all typically improve after the procedure. Breast reduction surgery is capable

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