Chair Lift For Stairs For Easier Living

Installing a lift for your home can ease the burden of having to climb stairs everyday. If you are looking to install a new home chair lift for stairs here are a few things to think about: how do you want the lift to be powered, how is your staircase laid out, your own mobility, and if you need any safety features on a chair lift.

The first thing to decide when choosing lift rumah what type of chair lift for stairs to buy is how it will be powered. You can either have a stair lift that is AC powered (plugged in), battery powered, or powered by both. AC powered lifts are known to be more powerful and sturdy, but are more expensive as electrical work needs to be done to your house. The downside of a lift only AC powered is the risk of a power cut and being left stranded without a working lift. A battery powered stair lift can solve this problem, but the downside is the added maintenance and financial cost of replacing batteries. A chair lift for stairs that uses both AC and battery power, provides the best way of reducing any risks and keeping your lift up and running.

In order to have a seated lift, your staircase would need to be wide enough to accommodate the lift and a seated person so that their knees don’t touch the opposing wall. Staircases that are narrower than 37 inches would not be able to fit a seated lift. The alternative then would be to buy a standing or a perched chair lift. These would only work if you can bear standing during the ascent/decent.

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